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House Washing For Your Lake Mary Residential Property

House washing

For the finest house washing service in Lake Mary and the surrounding areas, turn to the experts here at Mid-Florida Power Cleaning. Whether your home just needs a little extra care or a serious overhaul, our professional pressure washers will get the job done right the first time with the safest cleaning methods and chemical solutions on the market. We're always committed to providing our customers an excellent experience from beginning to end, so you can't go wrong when you work with us!

Exterior Home Cleaning

Mid-Florida Power Cleaning is the leading provider of pressure washing for Lake Mary residences, and we can get the exterior shell of your home sparkling clean in no time flat. House washing is an amazing way to boost the overall curb appeal of your residential property, especially since your home is the centerpiece of your entire lot. Exterior home cleaning performed by an industry professional like us will always guarantee you the best results, and you can sit back and relax knowing that your home is in capable hands.

Looking for another way to brighten up your residential property? Try our amazing driveway washing service for cleaner, stronger concrete that will withstand the elements for many more years to come!

How Often Should I Wash My House?

Professional house washing once a year is typically sufficient for keeping your home looking and feeling its very best. Pressure washing is one of the best methods of exterior cleaning, and whether your home is made from brick, stone, or vinyl siding, we can rid the surface of dirt, grime, and other unsightly substances that bring down the overall look of your home. This will not only boost the aesthetics of your home, but it will also promote better health and prolong the lifespan of the materials that make up the exterior of your house.

However, there are certain factors that can create the need for additional house washing throughout the year. Each and every home is different when it comes to maintenance needs, and no solution is one size fits all. Check out the list below to see if your home might be a good candidate for more frequent house washing performed by one of our professionals.

Here are a few factors that may warrant more frequent professional house washing for your Lake Mary home:

  • You live in an area that is on the drier and dustier side
  • You live in an area that sees a lot of storms or other inclement weather
  • You live in an area that sees a lot of sun or wind
  • You need to prime the surface of your home for other services such as painting, repairs, or renovations


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